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I Dream Of Madonna

Lustily conceived like a Dada art object, this offbeat little book collects the dreams of 50 women about pop singer Madonna, accompanied by color collages made by Turner and artist David Kolwyck. Turner, a folklorist and lead singer in an all-women rock band, asserts that Madonna has invaded the psyches of women as a symbol of fearlessness, sexuality free of shame, and self-realization. The women whose dreams she records include homemakers, teenagers, grandmothers, a professor and a banker. Some dream of rescuing Madonna from danger; others dream of making love to her; in one dream the pop star is a policewoman. To most of the dreamers, Madonna is a sisterly companion or empowering friend. The collages, in a surreal style highly reminiscent of rock ‘n’ roll album cover art, reinforce the overhyped notion of Madonna’s “liberating sexual self-centeredness.” 35,000 first printing.


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